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What is Your Superpower?

Did you know there is an app that you can download and find your superpower? Yes it is called Superpowersapp…

Check it out on your smartphone. I was at a conference last weekend and one of the speakers asked us if we knew what our superpower was and how well we play on our teams in life? The superpower app has a small fee like $2.99 for the app and you can find out what your superpower is. Then the speaker said to tap on that superpower (apply it daily) over and over and over and you will find success.

There is also a sup-superpower that compliments your bigger superpower. Mine were #1 Vision and #2 Grit!

Just to give you an example, this is what it says about Visionary:  They can see a future destination in vivid color. And while some details about how to get there may be hazy, the visionary’s account is more than enough to start the team on its way.

The Shadow side of this is: Don’t assume the team can see what you see. You may need to sketch it our put it in writing. You may need to explain it a few times. Saying it once doesn’t mean people will fully understand or retain what’s in your head. Try to show up with curiosity and patience.

(HELLO, what the heck!! Why couldn’t I have known this sooner!!)

I had no IDEA that you can’t see what I see… frustration and wonderment at why you don’t catch on to what I am saying is bewildering to me!!! I am so happy to know I am a FREAK of Nature… JK … It really describes Visionaries like this: Visionaries have a kind of crystal ball in their brains! See, I told you I was a freak. HAHAHAHA!

Now you know that I have the crystal ball brain and I will be taping into that power! By the way, I use this all the time and it is a little bewildering at times like I said. I just thought everyone had this power. Don’t be calling me for any readings of your future because that is NOT my gig! I am so excited to start honoring this superpower and welcoming the vivid colorful future destinations that I can see.

Now, that is something to get excited about!!! –What is your superpower?????

My 2nd power is GRIT!

I can tell you that I tap into this superpower all the time.

This is what it says about Grit: People with Grit have extraordinary levels of endurance, tenacity, and focus. They are the quiet engine of the team- able to keep pushing themselves and the work until it is truly done. They pace themselves for the long haul, ignoring momentary setbacks and the lure of procrastination. They can motivate others to keep going too, especially when the work is more of a marathon than a sprint. ( like my morning call I have been doing for five years now)

The shadow side of this is: Effort isn’t the same as effectiveness. Just because you’ve been at something forever doesn’t mean it’s your best work. Don’t assume that your teammates have the same level of endurance that you have. You may be able to run a 100-mile race and they like the 5K. If you are working with people with grit: Encourage them to take breaks, they don’t know how to do this themselves. People with grit have a reserve tank of belief and commitment that keeps them going.

Now that you are aware of my superpowers… what are yours? How can you implement this in your teams at home, work or even at church? What can you do to press that superpower button over and over and over and find success for yourself?

My mind is racing on how I can use this superpower button… maybe I should change my morning call to a podcast? Think…Think… Think…

I thought this superpower app result was very helpful to know a little more about my personality and how I play on the team. It is very telling to why you are the way you are at home.

Let me give you an example: I will often say to my family, “Lets pull weeds for 1 hour and then we will do something fun!” They groan and complain because in the past I say that and then I just can’t stop until all the weeds are pulled! I have kept after them saying, “we are so close, lets just keep going and then we don’t have to do it again tomorrow. We can finish in one more hour!”

I just did this with my husband last night. I told him that if we worked on cleaning out the storage room for an hour then I would go to the show with him. He physically pushed me back into the kitchen, laughing and saying NO WAY! You are not getting me to go in there and say it will only be for one hour! HAHAHAHA I have a reputation and I never knew it was my superpower of Grit!!!

I will be interested to hear what your superpowers are and how they are playing out in your life!!!

With all my sincere Superpowers,



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