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LoriAnn Gardner

​Hi, I am LoriAnn Garner a 6 figure earner in Network Marketing with no previous experience! I am a Wife, MOM, Grandma, Energy maker, lover of life, and did I say a hot healthy grandma and living proof that this LIFE is not too good to be true.

I Believe We Are Meant To Prosper and Thrive

​I stand for global health and dream of a world where one day every person on the planet recognizes that we all have options in how we experience our health.

I believe that YOUR health is not a privilege but a responsibility.


My Story Wasn't Always So Pretty

Want to know how I did It? Here's My Story...

​Growing up, I had a sweet life. My parents were both successful in my eyes.

My Dad was a telecommunications director for a large company and my mom was a hairdresser entrepreneur doing meaningful work that made her happy.

While growing up I enjoyed school and got a great college education. I was involved in track and cheerleading. I loved going to church and being with friends and family. I worked at the hospital as a Respiratory aide to put myself through college.

But then my parents were in a car accident and died suddenly. I was a young woman who had her whole life ahead of her but didn’t have parents anymore.

How could I go on without them?

I could have easily given up on all my dreams, but I am a strong and fiercely independent woman.

​My parents left me guardian of my sisters and I knew that I needed to do everything possible to take care of them. I married my husband Ray six weeks after the funeral and we took care of them the best we could.

I have to say that growing up and watching my mom serve and care for others helped me decided I wanted to be an independent woman who helped others.

LoriAnn Gardner

​My mom’s mom died when she was 15 years old and I knew the heartache she had suffered but she never let her circumstances get in her way of creating her own income. She never had to rely on my dad.

After I got married I finished my degree in Radiology and grew my family while putting my husband through Dental School. After my 4th baby I quit the medical world and became a stay at home mom. I wasn’t your traditional stay at home mom. I was always creating ways to make some extra money.

I hated asking my husband for money all the time.
I owned a health supplement store, I was a certified nutrition assistant teaching people through Utah State Extension Office and I worked at my neighbors as his personal executive assistant.

loriann gardner

It wasn’t until 8 years ago that I started using a new health and wellness product that literally transformed my daughter’s health and the skin on my face.

My Life Has Never Been The Same...

​While using the products, my energy went through the roof, my skin glowed as if I had a facelift, and I even started to sleep better. After a few months of people telling me how great I looked and asking what I was doing, and could they try it, I knew I was onto something special.

It was at that point that the thought came to me, I have to start sharing this with other people and earn some income to support myself. I was tired of leaning on my husband’s money.

This was my opportunity to own my independence and help others, just like my mom.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one having amazing results with the products! I have customers leaping out of all corners of the world, all with the same goal: to feel the best possible version of themselves. Inside and out.

And I could help them do that.

Since starting, I’ve been a product of the product. I also grew a large team, most of whom started out as my customers and became associates simply because they love the products and can’t stop talking to others about it!

I have been consistently growing teams that launch a revolutionary technology all over the world.

​Well, that’s enough about me.

I want to talk about you.

I want you to know that you don’t have to depend on anyone else to give you the life you really want. This is not the lottery.

You can make money by getting healthy and helping others do the same, online and offline.

loriann gardner

You can find a community of people from all kinds of different backgrounds in over 30 countries, who get you better than anyone has before.

And you can build a profitable network marketing business of your own. A business that feels GOOD. A business that gives you a better life rather than hinders it.

​IF this Grandma can do it with no experience then so can you!

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