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The Problem with Prospecting & Recruiting with Social Media

If you’re recruiting with social media, there are many pitfalls you need to avoid. Let me tell you a story…. This September will mark 9 years (2011) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship. I’ve undergone deep personal development and experienced more negativity […]

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How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online In Three Strategic Steps

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online in Three Strategic Steps Are you tired of prospecting friends and family? Tired of doing home meetings, cold calls, and chasing after everyone you meet? Are you sick of being accused of peddling some “pyramid thing?” If you said yes to any of those questions, then you’re […]

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12 Tips to Get More Done In Less Time

12 Tips to Get More Done In Less Time The future isn’t real. And it’s KILLING your ability to get anything done. Here’s why… According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, we tend to put tasks into one of two categories: Now and later. And guess what? Later tasks never get done! Which […]

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What is Your Superpower?

Did you know there is an app that you can download and find your superpower? Yes it is called Superpowersapp… Check it out on your smartphone. I was at a conference last weekend and one of the speakers asked us if we knew what our superpower was and how well we play on our teams […]

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Comparison Is Not Healthy

Comparison is NOT Healthy!!!! Stay away from it…. Run as fast as you can away from it!!!! Comparison is a dangerous place to live! Be King or Queen of who you are and what direction you are going in life. Empower yourself with being grateful for all you are and all you have today. This […]

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are you lucky

Are you Lucky?

Are you Lucky? I have a daughter that has always been lucky! She wins things in large groups all the time. When she was in grade school there was a big assembly and they were giving away a grand prize for the school kids for a reading program they had all participated in. She won […]

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