The Secrets to be….Happy and Healthy

The Secrets to be….Happy and Healthy

Welcome to the NEW and Improved website where I will share The Secrets to be….Happy and Healthy.

Stay with me as I say this next sentence!!! Trust me!!! I just went off Sugar…. now I know what you are thinking. Maybe and Maybe not THINKING. But here is what I use to say to people that went off sugar. “You only live once and you have to enjoy the finer things of this world! Sugar doesn’t make that big of a difference when you only eat a little everyday.”

I started having Hot Flashes from Hell every night for the past year. I was sure they would go away.

My friend always told me my hot flashes were coming from my stomach and not my hormones. I did not fully understand that statement. I was sure that since I am over 50 and had a hysterectomy when I was 42 that my hormones were at the point of the hot flash stage. I heard all my older friends talk about hot flashes but I never dreamed in a million years that I would experience the waking up at night and throwing all my clothes off with sweat dripping off my body…. NOT ONLY ONCE A NIGHT BUT SEVERAL TIMES! This is when you get to the moment of Insanity!!!! You know what the definition of insanity is? It is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I will tell you that my sugar addiction was real and I didn’t know it was an addiction till I went off sugar. I was praying one night about what I could do about my hot flashes. I was losing sleep. I was feeling tired all the time. I was getting sad. My prayer was asking God to please let me know what I could do about my health. I told him I was getting weary of my hot flashes and did they have to last for years like my friends had experienced? My answer came as a simple thought. GO OFF SUGAR.

I went off sugar on June 1, 2017. I was at a muti-million dollar earners training. I was the only one in the room that was making 6 figures while everyone else was earning millions every year. My evaluation of each one of these women was they each had a very special eating lifestyle. They weren’t dieting!!! They were living disciplined. NO wonder they were all millionaires. This is when it clicked with me that I needed to do something drastic today.

For those of you who know me just laugh because I am very disciplined in most areas of my life. But this is where the big BUT comes in… no pun intended (I do have a big butt) But I fall into the category of living with my excuses and not believing in myself fully. This happens to get me at the Health level and the Happy level! So this time I wanted to stay true to myself and become stronger. I gave up sugar!!! My hot flashes have almost totally gone away from day 1. I have had some warm flashes but no NIGHT SWEATS! It has been easy to say no to sugar when you get those results. I mean easy, easy, easy! My willpower is driven by the memory of the hot flashes and waking up soaking wet at least twice a night. I am one happy happy happy healthy strong woman. I even had one of my associates in Australia call me and notice something different about me over the phone. He said I sounded stronger and more grounded. YAHOOOOO!

I would like to say to you…. Pray about what is going on in your life and ask God what you need to do to be Healthy and Happy!

Your friend, LoriAnn