I am LoriAnn and I was born and raised in Utah.

I tell people when I was growing up in Utah, I was a city girl during the week and spent my weekends on my grandparents farm with my family. I love horses but have never owned one. My dad was a cowboy and was very good with horses so I was around them a lot growing up. My dream is to own a Ranch with horses, dogs, cattle, chicken, pigs, ducks, a peacock, big swimming pool, tire swings, bungee rope, big organic garden and room for all my family. I have experts hired to take care of the farming and animals and my friends come from all over the world to visit.

I have been married to my husband Ray for 35 years. We are the parents of five tremendously intelligent beautiful children (they got that from me) and eleven adorable brilliant grandchildren. I have personally been in the room to welcome nine of my eleven grandchildren. What a blessing this has been for me to experience this with my daughters and daughter in law.



I love the outdoors, cross country skiing, hiking, writing, painting & staying young and healthy. I love spontaneous adventure!!! Invite me!



My education was in Radiology and Mammography. I was a Radiology Tech for eleven years while I put my husband through dental school and had four babies, the fifth child came later. I then became a stay at home mom (for 17 years) and caregiver for Rays parents while we built his dental practice.

I shared ownership with my friend in a Health Supplement Store, I am a certified Nutrition assistant with USU extension office, I am a certified Mater Gardener and a certified Ideal Life Vision Coach.

Today, I am a professional Network Marketer with teams in many countries. I love what I do!

My greatest accomplishment has been being a mother, wife and daughter of God. I love my family. My parents were tragically killed in a car accident when I was eighteen years old. They left me guardian over my two younger sisters who were seventeen and fifteen years old. I wrote a book about this when I was in my forty’s because I wanted to heal from all the pain I held in over the years. It was a great healing opportunity for me to write and write and write as I read my journal experience of all that happened. I healed on a deeper level than I can express from writing my book. If you would like to read it, you can find it on Amazon E book title: Why the Roses Cry… The power of healing through journal writing.

With God NOTHING is Impossible!



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